While the concept of quality is very broad, we define it as delivering to our customers and consumers safe, effective, and trustworthy products and services that meet their expectations each time.

We make products that are consumed by our families and neighbors, and others in society. That is why we are uncompromising in our expectations to deliver high quality products to the market. Everyone at Unique takes responsibility for ensuring that we deal in products of the highest possible quality, and that we meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Commitment to Quality

At Unique, our pursuit of quality is not limited to the operational level, but is valued at every level of our business. Our Quality Management which is based on current industry and regulatory concepts for a modern quality management ensures that quality is fully integrated into our business processes.

Why do we have this focus on quality? The answer is simple - The quality of life is more important than life itselfwe want to ensure that every Unique product, no matter where in the world it is produced, meets the high expectations for safety and effectiveness held by our customers, consumers, employees, regulatory agencies and shareowners.

We will continue to focus on quality as we expand our business. Our stakeholders and customers expect this from us; we expect this from ourselves; and our ability to deliver high end Pharma solutions to clients we cater.