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Across the range, our brands span a wide variety of Pharma solutions with medicines and medical equipments.


Across the range, our brands span a wide variety of Pharma solutions with medicines.

Surgical Equipments

Medical Equipments. We provide products to hospitals and pharmacies.


While the concept of quality is very broad, we define it as delivering to our customers.


Spreading Health & Wellness with Commitment

Nothing can come between our will to help the community, to look forward to a better and healthier future. With healthcare solutions that are accessible, well researched and high-quality, we strive to maintain our position as an efficient medicine distributor.

  • We cater to various segments like Gynecology, Pediatrics, Anti-Infective, Anti-Malarial, Cardio-Diabetic and Surgical Products.
  • We have equivalent expertise of more then 17 years in providing life enhancing Medicines & Surgical Equipment.
  • We are a reliable Pharmaceuticals Company that is built on Trust and Ethics.
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Company with Uncompromising Ethics

  • Our Vision Our Vision at Unique Pharma is to be a company with uncompromising ethics,
  • Our Mission Our mission is to improve lives of patients by addressing unmet medical needs.
  • Our Belief We believe what we do today is important than what we have done yesterday and what we will do tomorrow.
  • Our Team With professional and dedicated approach our team deals with every facet of Pharmaceutical Industry.






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